A quick note–I’ve recently committed to restructuring the sort of content I post here. While technology is at the forefront of my interests, prepare for rambling on the many others.

I’m re-reading Time Loops by Eric Wargo after a recent and particularly reinvigorating syncronicity. I would recommend this book to anyone and I’m excited to explore his relatively new book that I just found out about, Precognitive Dreamwork and the Long Self. He also has an interesting blog at

This had seeded interest in Philip K. Dick on the first go and I’m excited to continue down that path. I’d also like to read Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang. This was inspiration for the film Arrival, one of my top 5 movies.

Anyway, I’ve had a refocus on precognition with the aforementioned synchronicity and several others. They seem to come in waves; I wonder if it is just awareness instead of any true increase. Regardless, they will certainly increase as I make my way through this book, just as it happened last time. Maybe I should start sharing them here…